Why Lakshya

Where Learning Begin

Lakshya School has come into being with an aim to provide the best of Education by all standards on par with International Education System. At Lakshya, we redefine education with innovative learning techniques. Lakshya is not just a center for academics but life-skills that outreaches the acquisition of knowledge.

We groom each student in a special way. As none of the students are alike, we focus on individual attention bringing everyone on par with other students. Our holistic approach is delivering target-oriented results academically with a unique learning ambience that has been the hallmark of our teaching techniques.

Lakshya, the Most Sought-After School

Lakshya is endowed with intellectuals; their ambition is to bestow the very best education to students has resulted in the construction of school building that has come up on a sprawling spaced at Thorrur, Hyderabad with lush green surroundings that presents an ambience of learning.

We have a unique infrastructure well-in-place, well-ventilated spacious classrooms, excellent laboratory facilities, sophisticated electronic equipment for digital learning, a good library with a vast collection variety of books, both academically and generally, games and sports equipment, highly qualified and capable teachers, well-experienced staff who work with zeal and passion.

Special Attention for Every Child

At Lakshya, we believe that every child is distinctive and special with its latent talents waiting to be plumbed and honed-up. We have rephrased our education system creating innovative techniques to bring out these latent talents in our children. This is our specialty. The special attention that we give our students makes them explore newer things in classes. We give projects and ask our children to do them on their own. We are proud of our education system and innovative learning techniques.

Besides learning lessons and gaining knowledge our kids simultaneously develop their latent talents and bring them to fruition in their lives. Each and every child is given special attention and focus that helps in identifying their latest talents.

Lakshya, true to its name, shall teach, train and impart that kind of education which makes every student accomplish their set-goals.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to ignite the aspirations of young minds & nurture them on Wisdom, Perseverance & Leadership qualities leading towards Par Excellence at every stage of their lives.

Our Mission

Setting Goals is the First Step in Turning the Invisible into Visible
– Anthony Robins
  • To Expand Educational arena by inculcating Community Consciousness, practical exposition, creative Excellence & attain the best performance in various fields of knowledge.
  • To create an ambience that flourishes innovative & unique ideas among Students and transforms them into future leaders & Innovators.
  • To encourage principles of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Transparency & Empathy imbibing winners attitude needed for success.
  • To make learning a meaningful & interesting experience with stimulating Campus atmosphere.
  • To educate students to reach to the highest levels of academic achievement and expand their potential & to prepare them to become productive & Compassionate members of society.
  • To provide high quality Education & childcare in a safe, respectful & inclusive environment that builds a foundation for lifelong learning.

Our Core Values

  • At LAKSHYA, we believe and abide by a set of core values that reflect and govern every action of ours.
  • We believe in the power of Education to change individuals and whole societies for a better tomorrow.
  • Our Philosophy is to mold the young children through a framework that shapes them into a balanced and all rounded personalities.

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