Our Facilities

Smart classrooms

We have smart classrooms which are spacious with ample lighting, natural ventilation, and custom-designed furniture; all adding up to an ambience of enthusiastic learning.

Every classroom has a smart digital board, equipped with custom-designed software, 3D models, listening devices including audio visual equipment which makes every subject more joyous to learn. Our smart classrooms are designed in such a way to enrich the learning experience of students.


If a foundation is laid strong it’s easy to build multistorey. In the same manner a well enhanced laboratory will help students to gather great knowledge and encourage them to experiment. Every school should have a laboratory, where students learn newer things through research and experiments. Lakshya has several well-designed laboratories which include Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Computer Lab etc. All our laboratories are equipped with latest instruments to provide better learning opportunities for our students and to score good marks academically and have a better understanding on the subject. 


Library in a school is considered as a temple of learning. Lakshya has a library that is rich with books especially curriculum and academics related books. Also, there are hundreds of books on various subjects and topics. Our school library helps our students, teachers, and staff to access books to enrich their knowledge.

Inculcating the habit of reading skills is our primary objective. To fulfil this objective, we have established a highly equipped library that is enriched with variety of books. Best choice of books is showcased in the library. We have taken special care in furnishing books that promote the habit of reading books in students.


We promote and support physical fitness of our students. To maintain and sustain good health of students we conduct outdoor sports and games like athletics, cricket, basketball, lawn tennis, and badminton courts. We also encourage indoor games like carroms, table tennis, chess, etc. Lakshya has a beautiful playground with all the infrastructural facilities including sports equipment as far as indoor and outdoor sports, games, athletics, martial arts, and yoga.

Medical room

Lakshya takes care of the safety and good health of our students. We have highly trained staff in first aid techniques. When any untoward accident takes place, we take immediate care and employ first aid to our students. Our school has the first aid infrastructure like medical kit, equipment, instruments, and medicines to provide first aid to prevent injuries getting aggravated. We also have a doctor on call. Our supporting staff and security guards are made familiar with first aid procedures.

Safety and Security

Safety and security of our students, staff, and teachers is of utmost importance to Lakshya. To ensure the safety and security of our students we have installed CCTV cameras and is digitally monitored by dedicated security staff. Every member of our school staff is trained in safety and security measures and is asked to maintain strict vigil on the students. Parents too are apprised of these safety and security measures. Lakshya has strict rules and regulations in place with respect to the safety and security of its students, teachers, and staff.   

Transport Safety measures

We have a large fleet of air-conditioned buses keeping in mind the comfort of the students. The buses are equipped with CCTVs, and bus Incharges are present on each bus to take care of the students.

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