From the Chairman’s Desk

I strongly believe “Education is a journey, not a destination”. Learning is a continuous process and acquiring knowledge is just not restricted to books or acquiring degrees. It is more about enlightening the brain and making the best use of it for individual and societal development.

The human brain works just like our physical body. As physical exercise keeps the body agile and active, the brain also needs to regularly explore with ideas and thoughts, that help in its achievers.

 At Lakshya we foster an Education system to nurture young minds and bodies to face the challenges of the world with confidence.

Gone are the days when kids played under the sun in fields and had some real fun. The influence of modern education has changed the way of life so much that kids today are deprived of learning from the basic elements of life and nature. Lakshya encourages both physical and mental development with a spread of 20+ sports avenues. The specific development of a WISDOM BLOCK is to bring back the forgotten ways of learning in collaboration with nature and the environment.

The prime aim of Lakshya is to imbibe in students’ Indian values, culture and traditions with an international outlook. Thus, with a strong foundation, our students set on their journey to become leaders of tomorrow. Lakshya assures parents and students an education for life, an international outlook amidst a robust Indian discipline.

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